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The Right Mover For You

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To choose the Right Moving Company - this is one thing for which you really need to do an extensive research. Your extensive research can help you to get a Moving Company that can move you in a lower cost, better service, and with a comprehensive attention to your unique relocation needs. Even if your employee is paying for your move, the selection of a Right Moving Company can be the key for your successful and stress-free move.
  • While determining the estimates from your mover, consider the following:
  • Services required, like Packing and Unpacking.
  • Moving Inventory including valuables as well as breakables.
  • Do you need storage? Just check and make sure whether you need storage or not.
  • Confirm the dates when you will vacate your old home and the date when you will arrive in your new home.
The Removal Companies will send a representative to meet you at home and also to check the things that need to be packed and moved. You can ask him the following questions to make sure that your belongings are going in the right hands:
  • What are the Insurances that they offer and what is the coverage for the Insurances?
  • What are the damages that are covered in the insurance?
  • How will your belongings be transported?
  • Will the company provide Storage Area if required?
  • What are the items that the Movers would not carry?
  • What is the allowable over-charge amount of the Moving Company?
Make sure that you get at least three estimates from three different moving companies before you finally decide on your moving company. While you are gathering the estimates, remember that the most highest estimate always does not has the highest level of service or the services that are most compatible with your needs.
  • An overall estimation of the time required for the entire job.
  • Total Mileage.
  • Total number of rooms.
  • Necessary supplies, especially filler papers and cartons.
  • Other services that you might require.
  • Quotes that provide per hour rate cannot be compared with the quotes that are given depending on the overview of the move. Moreover, the hourly quotes do not give you an idea about the actual cost of your move. Hence, it is wise to avoid hourly costs.
  • Make sure that the quotes that the Moving Companies’ state should also include their liability in terms of over-charging.

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on June 11, 2015 - Moving Expert
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