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Getting A Moving Estimate

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A smart customer knows how to get a cost effective move. Whether it be a Residential Move or a Business Move, the important thing is to get a Moving Estimate to determine the cost of moving. offers you a few Quick Moving Tips to help you get genuine estimates from your Movers:
  • Get Moving Estimates from more than 3 movers. This way you can compare the prices offered by the various Movers.
  • Avoid those Moving & Removal Companies which give quotes without inspecting your goods first.
  • Find out if the cost of moving includes Material Costs, Labor Costs and the cost of parts.
  • Make sure the estimate is given to you in writing. Never commit to any agreement if it’s not in writing. If a Moving Company does not provide a written agreement, go elsewhere.
  • Your estimate should be detailed and should list all the possible work that needs to be done before moving.
  • Beware of Movers who are ready to let go of tax and do not provide an invoice. Also avoid those who demand cash only.
  • Reputed Moving Companies will inspect your home, Car or belongings to provide you with a precise quote. Any company which states that an inspection isn’t needed or provides quotes over phone is probably out to scam you.
  • Be specific while providing instructions to your Movers or Removal Companies. The accuracy of your estimate is dependent on the information you provide.
  • The written agreement should be provided to you on a written letterhead along with the name, telephone number and address of the business. The agreement must be signed by the owner or representative of the moving company.
  • Any company which charges by the hour should include the number of hours in the estimate.
  • You have certain Consumer Rights which are protected by law. Be aware of your rights as a consumer. Do not pay for unauthorized repairs.
  • Negotiate!!!
While the Movers provide you with an estimate take notice of the services included in the cost. Typically it should include:
  • A List of the Boxes and Packing Materials along with their quantities and costs.
  • Insurance and coverage costs.
  • Packing and Unpacking rates.
  • Storage costs including weight, cubic feet and the duration.
  • Cost of additional services.

Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Paying Customer

  • As a customer, you are entitled to certain rights as per law. Get to know your rights before negotiating any deal.
  • The cost of the relocation is based on the total weight of your shipment and the distance of the move.
  • Other costs such as Packing or other services have to be specified beforehand and are also included in the cost.
  • The movers should be shown every single piece of belonging to be packed and moved by them. It makes it easier for the movers to calculate the cost of your move this way.
  • Even attics, basements, garages, sheds, closets and spaces under the beds should be thoroughly inspected.
  • Your mover and you should have a thorough understanding about the amount of packing and other services that may be necessary. Anything that is added to the list later on will result in extra charges on your estimate.
  • Be sure to ask your mover about the payment arrangements. Most Moving Companies do not accept Personal Checks or Credit Cards. Usually Movers take payments by Certified Checks or Money Orders. Clarify Payment Options.

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on June 11, 2015 - Moving Expert
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