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Office Relocation-Basics

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Moving office to a new place is fun and opens up exciting opportunities. It can also become a major burden if not planned and executed properly. Certain basic rules and regulations should always be followed during Office Relocations to avoid confusion and disorder.
  • To make the planning process easier, it is better to consult a Space Planner or Architect who can plan the office space in a way which will minimize clutter and making moving around easier.
  • Have all the employees and movers briefed about the moving details so that setting up the office is faster.
  • Pinpoint the locations for keeping files, faxes and printers etc as it saves time in the long run.
  • Prior to making the move, talk to your movers about moving insurance. Make sure you have moving insurance and all the necessary paperwork.
  • Discuss the options for moving supplies with your movers. For large corporations, it makes more sense to purchase Packing Materials directly from the suppliers instead of letting the movers take on that responsibility. Keep in mind that it is always better to plan for more. You never know when you might need extra material.
  • The key to managing a successful Office Relocation is communication. Be in constant touch with your movers on details concerning layouts, furniture placements, cablings, equipment storage and new installations.
  • Be specific with your movers about schedules, expectations and requirements.
  • Try to avoid some disruption by having your mover not unpacking during peak working hours. Schedule unloading and unpacking during off hours and speak with landlords to reserve freight elevators in advance. In some office spaces, additional security may be required since the doors will be kept open for long periods of time while the equipments are being brought in.
  • A great time saving method for Office Relocation is to start cleaning and purging about a month before your move is scheduled. Get rid of all the unnecessary files and items. Sort out the office goods into Recyclable, Useless, Sale and Donation Items. Some items such as furniture can be sold off instead of carting them to the new office.
  • Once the Office Relocation is confirmed, get to know the area around the new office. Your employees will need information on that area. Amenities such as Parking Lots, Snack Bars, Gas Stations and even ATMs should be published in a newsletter and circulated throughout the office.
  • Use cheerful and optimistic language that will motivate your employees and make them enthusiastic about joining the new office premises.
Follow the detailed List of Dos and Don’ts given below for successful Office Relocation:


  • Use Move Tags provided by your mover. Items that are not tagged are not moved.
  • Tag the items in places that can be easily spotted by the moving crew.
  • Empty Desks, Drawers, Shelves, Cabinets and Bookcases completely otherwise the contents may fall out or get damaged while the furniture is tipped over during transport.
  • All Electrical & Mechanical Gadgets should be disconnected to prevent electrical fires or damage.
  • Secure Personal Items. Carry them along with you instead of entrusting them to Office Movers.


  • Never use your name during Marking or Labeling. Use pre-assigned numbers only. In case you do not know your number, ask your Move Manager for it. Once all the items have been transported, they will be recognized by numbers only, not by name.
  • Do not move Printers or Photocopiers with toners inside. Take out the toners and if the equipment is under lease or contract, then inform the service company that the equipments are being moved.
  • Do not empty the narrow vertical filing cabinets. They will be moved with their contents intact.
Remember that well executed office relocations are successful only if there is good communication between the employer, employees and the movers.

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on June 11, 2015 - Moving Expert
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