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Home Moving Checklist

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The process of moving is Huge and Tiring. So we have created this Pre-Move Checklist to assist you to plan the perfect move:

Disconnection or Re-direction:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Telephone
  • Internet Lines
  • Newspaper Delivery
  • Sky or Pay TV

Change of Address:

  • Post Office
  • Electoral Register
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Schools
  • Relatives
  • Stores
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Optometrist
  • Vets
  • Banks
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Insurance Company
  • Hire Purchase Company
  • Clubs
  • Cleaners
  • Gardeners
  • Church
  • Airline Frequent Flyer program
  • Magazines & Newspapers Subscriptions

Plan Your Move:

  • Will you be using Removalists?
  • What do you need to hire for your Removals? Truck or Van
  • Make sure you get Multiple Quotes before you make your choice
  • Who will do your Packing?
  • Who will dismantle your existing furniture and re-mantle it in your new home?
  • Can you sell some of your unwanted items? Then arrange for a Garage Sale or a Yard Sale
  • Who will disconnect and then re-connect your utilities?
  • Who will clean your old house as well as your new property?
  • Who will do the gardening in your new home and also in your old home?
  • If you are hiring a Cleaning Company, make sure that you get the Quote

Getting Ready:

  • Do your Car-Servicing
  • Collect all your clothes from the drycleaners
  • Return books to the library and school
  • Empty Golf Club Lockers, if you have any
  • Book Pet Transport
  • Book your Flight with the Airlines (or) Use your Removal or Moving Company's Promotional Air Fares

Preparing To Move:

  • Confirm your move with the Moving Company
  • Complete your Transit Insurance Proposal and get back to the Moving Company
  • Arrange for an Accommodation, if required during the move
  • Check If you need to arrange for your childcare while moving
  • Discard the things that you use no longer
  • Dispose all Inflammables or leave them for the new occupant
  • Dismantle Kitset Furniture
  • Professionally purge BBQ or Heater Gas Bottle
  • Call a specialist to disconnect the TV
  • Arrange for Alarms to be installed in your new house

Documents To Carry:

  • Travel documents, like Airlines Tickets
  • Passport, Visa, Frequent Flyer Card
  • Travelers’ Checks and Cash
  • Medical & Travel Insurance
  • Household Removal Paperwork
  • Drivers’ License
  • Vaccination Record
  • Extra set Car, Luggage and House Keys
  • Jewelry
  • Sunglasses

Two Days To Move:

  • If you are packing for yourself, make sure that you have enough boxes, Tapes and Packing Materials for packing
  • Clean the Fridge and the Freezer that you will not be taking with you

One Day To Move:

  • Defrost Freezers
  • Drain fuel from Petrol Weed Eaters
  • Empty Rubbish Bins
  • Empty Vacuum Cleaners
  • Turn off the taps of the Washing Machine
  • Empty the Dishwasher
  • Disconnect your Computer, Monitor, and Printer etc
  • Thoroughly clean Garden Tools, Golf Clubs, Outdoor Furniture and Bikes for Quarantine Inspection
  • If you are not moving overseas, move Water Plants
  • Pack your Priority Carton which contains items that you need immediately after you reach your new house
  • Set aside your Clothes and other things that you might require on your Move day
  • Identify the items that do not need to be packed and keep it aside
  • Arrange for a simple breakfast on the move day
  • Clearly mark all the Fragile Boxes

On The Move Day:

  • Ensure your Fridge is empty and clean
  • Ensure you carry the address of your new home
  • Check everything to be Packed and Moved
  • Load them and sign the Inventory
  • Retain a copy of the Inventory for your Records
  • Give the Removalists a set of keys in case if you arrive late
  • Change Alarm Codes in old house with the new tenants

After The Move:

  • Before you Unpack, complete the Condition Report
  • Check all your items, especially for any Broken Items, before the Removers leave
  • Make sure that you know how to set the Heating Timer
  • Look for the Hot Water System, Gas Taps, Electricity Meter and Switchboard
  • Check the Utility Reading and conform it with the Utility Company
  • Unpack all your essentials first, such as Kitchen, Bathroom and Bed facilities

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on June 15, 2015 - Moving Expert
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