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Move Economics & Budgeting

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Moving, be it of any type, is expensive. More so, if it is not properly planned and estimated.

Estimate and budget your move before you start moving. This, in fact, should include in your Initial Planning for the move. A proper estimated and budgeted move need not be back breaking. You can consider the following factors while estimating your move to your new home:
  • Compare and contrast the offers and prices offered by different moving companies.
  • Properly do your homework before deciding on the Moving Company. This can save you hundreds of dollars on moving services.
  • Get your own moving boxes and supplies.
  • You may have some packing materials around your home, like old newspapers, old paper bags. Start collecting them.
  • Try to pack your own household goods and this way you can save many hours of paid labor.
  • If you have any deposits, like in Utility Companies or deposits made at the time of your last move to your landlord - starting collecting them.
  • To save money, ship your car.
  • If you plan to drive yourself to your new home, make a budget on how much you will spend on Gas, Highway Tolls, Food and Hotel stay.
  • Fix your day of move at that time of the year when the Moving Companies are usually not busy, like, in the middle of the week or during the winter months.
  • If you are moving to start a new job or because your job has moved, check out if you can avail a Tax Deduction.
  • If you have membership in Local Gyms or other Associations, withdraw it as you will not be able to continue it once you move to your new location.
  • Make a list for expenses like: Home Repair, Pet Deposit, Cleaning Services, and Rental Fees for your new home, Rental Expenses in the new city, the first and last month’s rent, Utility Deposit and Storage Unit Rentals etc.
  • Make a list of other things like: cost of Truck Rentals, cost of Professional Moving Services, cost of food and beverages that you need to give to the volunteers on the day of moving, cost of moving supplies, tips for the movers or gifts for the volunteers.
  • Make a list of your moving travels. The moving travels include: Airline Tickets, Toll Charges, Fuel Charge, cost for your meals and hotels.
  • There are also certain ways of earning while you are planning to move. This income is just meant to balance the huge expense involved in moving. Like the income that you will earn by selling your spare car, furniture or other belongings. You can arrange for a garage or yard sale.
  • If your payout for employer vacation is not taken, take it now.

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on June 11, 2015

removalcompanies.co.nz - Moving Expert
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