How to Prepare Your Children and Pets for Moving

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How to Prepare Kids and Pets for Your Move

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It's always important to keep a close watch on your children and your pets. However, moving day magnifies the importance of this even more. The moving process is stressful enough for adults, but imagine how your little ones feel about the relocation. Also, try to see it from the eyes of an animal who probably doesn't know what's going on.

So, as you're preparing your family for moving day, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Preparing your kids for the relocation

Moving can be a difficult and traumatic experience for children. To prevent or minimise the sadness and confusion your children experience during the moving process, be sure to sit them down and have a talk long before you pick out a new home and begin contacting removal companies. Address the reasons your family is relocating and allow your kids to ask the burning questions they have. This open line of communication will help prepare children--especially younger ones--for the days leading up to the move, as well as moving day itself.

When it comes to explaining the move to your kids, try to be one-hundred percent honest and open. There is no need to lie to them about why you are moving or what will happen once you do. Let them know that it is okay to be sad and confused, but that there is a world of opportunity that awaits at your new home. Let them express their fears, but don't let their fears ruin the experience for them.
  • Explain the benefits of making new friends.
  • Remind them that it's easy to stay connected to old friends through phone calls, emails and social media.
  • Talk about how they want to decorate their new rooms.
  • Familiarise them with the new area by showing photographs of their new school and neighbourhood.
To make your children even more comfortable with the move, engage them in the moving process. Involve them in choosing a new home and bring them with you when you visit places. You can even let them pack their own stuff! Encourage them to share their input and listen to what they say. Also, be sure to research some new programs or activities you can enroll them in when you relocate. As soon as you move in, you should get your children involved so they can make new friends quickly and efficiently. Immerse your kids in the new area's culture right away.

It may even be a good idea to throw a going away party so your children can say goodbye to friends. This way, they will associate the goodbyes with positive memories rather than sad ones. Make sure they have all of the contact information they need to stay in touch for when you settle in to the new place.

Preparing your pets for the relocation

If you are moving long distance, this becomes even more crucial. Be sure to check the specific regulations about moving animals before solidifying any plans. If you're planning on staying overnight somewhere on the way to your destination, be sure the hotel allows pets or has a kennel nearby. Travel arrangements are important because you want your pet to be as comfortable as possible during the transition.

TIP: Try to get your pet used to the conditions under which it'll be travelling by taking it on short trips in the car during the weeks prior to your move.

Also, be sure to take your animal to the veterinarian before your move. This visit is meant to make sure your pet is healthy enough to make the trip. While you're at the vet's office, ask for recommendations about doctors in your new area. It never hurts to ask. You can ask for safety tips as well, or at least advice on how to keep your animal comfortable during a long distance move.

Children and pets on moving day

If you've done the proper preparations, your children and animals should be fine on moving day. The stress levels should be lower than expected, and though everyone gets cranky every now and then, it's something they're mentally ready for... hopefully.

On moving day, be sure to:
  • Keep your kids and pets in a safe location in the house, away from the action.
  • Notify the movers to stay out of specific rooms so not to disturb the kids and animals.
  • Secure your kids and pets in the car for your drive.
  • Keep your pets in a secure carrier during transit.
  • Pack snacks for the trip to keep everyone happy!
  • Stop frequently for rest, bathroom breaks and leg-stretching.
Good luck with your move!

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on June 16, 2015 - Moving Expert
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